I love to travel and I always tell my boyfriend that I will go anywhere with him. He decided we needed to go on another cruise.  I think this cruise was probably number 8 for me. I’ve lost track.

Anyway, we went on the Carnival Sensation this time and it was our first time on this particular ship. It is our opinion that this ship was a training ship for new staff members. Probably because it is an old ship and it is a smaller ship. We saw more people on this ship who have never been on a cruise before. On this cruise we visited Grand Turk and Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. We had both been to Grand Turk before, but neither of us had ever been to Amber Cove.

This cruise did not start out well for us. I was sick the first two days of the cruise and all I wanted to do was sleep. It wasn’t sea sickness, I think it was an ulcer. I was under stress, we were sailing a week before Christmas, I had no money and no time to shop for Christmas presents. Well, how can I shop for presents without money? I was definitely under stress. We needed this vacation though. We have 3 dogs, we love them to death, but we were burned out. On our third day, we stopped in Grand Turk and I was feeling much better by then since i had gotten myself some Mylanta to take. Anyway, while we were in Grand Turk, I think we spent most of our time in the port just walking around to the shops. We each got a drink at Margaritaville and then headed back to the ship. My boyfriend wasn’t too impressed with Grand Turk the last time we were there. Me, I was happy just to be walking in the sunshine and enjoying the beautiful weather. Although, I wish I had a chance to take some more pictures while we were there.

On our fourth day we visited Amber Cove, the port was very similar to Grand Turk. We ended up taking a taxi to their waterfall, Damajaqua. They called it the 27 waterfalls because there are 27 different levels. We only saw the first level.  Just getting there was a trip by itself. We had to walk through several riverbeds just to get there. I had rented a pair of tennis shoes which I think was a mistake. If you want to see the waterfalls, make sure you wear a good pair of hiking or tennis shoes with soles for walking on rocks. You’ll be doing your feet a favor. I could not handle walking on the rocks. That was painful. It was torture. Anyway, I got a few pictures from there and we turned around and went back down the mountain to our waiting taxi.  The driver then took us to Puerto Plata, a city on the other side of the port where we could do a little shopping. We were also given a tour of their catholic church. I think the man who gave us the tour does it for monetary donations, either for himself or for the church. It was nice anyway.

At the end of our cruise, my boyfriend got us an earlier flight out of Miami so that we could be home in time to attend the Christmas Eve service at our church.  We went straight from the airport to the church for the service, stowing our luggage in the church office during the service. After that, my father picked us up and I took one of my parent’s cars home.

Here are a few of the pictures of my little trip.



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